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I love technology because there is a never ending cycle of improvement in all facets of the human-computer experience. My personal interests are vested in software, specifically in the area of interactive data visualization and location intelligence.

I am a minimalist at heart and believe that the more simplistic and elegant something can be functionally and aesthetically, the better. Solving problems with technology is my passion. I am fortunate to be in a position where I get to choose the problems that I want to solve and build a profitable business around it.

My work has taken me all over the world and afforded me with the opportunity to see amazing places, meet interesting people, and share some exciting experiences. Now, I am fortunate to spend my work hours with a hand picked team of experts building enterprise analytics and location intelligence tools.

When I am not behind a computer or hitting the road on meeting customers and partners, my downtime is spent in my home town of San Diego, where I enjoy the benefits of living in southern California.


PODCAST: Analytics on Fire

A "NO B.S" Guide to the Analytics Marketplace through the Eyes of Industry Leaders.

Mico Yuk and I have been collegues and have co-presented keynotes, delivered workshops, and 1000+ attendee webinars focused on analytics. Analytics on Fire was born from the desier to share the conversations that occur behind closed doors to the public.

On Analytics on Fire (AOF) we interview some of the most interesting and passionate thought leaders in our industry who are well into their analytics journey. Each week we focus on a topic where senior members of both business and IT organizations share how they drive the analytics competency centers, teams, and projects for the largest corporations on the planet.

Their willingness to share their secrets to success will make Analytics on Fire a runaway hit!



Analytics on Fire



Ryan Goodman is Centigon Solutions CEO, author, and expert in Business Intelligence. Ryan applies over 12 years of experience designing enterprise apps to his leadership role shaping Centigon Solutions' Location Intelligence product strategy.

Prior to founding Centigon Solutions, Ryan entered the business intelligence market while designing applications for business analyst "war rooms" using multi-modal user experiences including touch, voice recognition, and data visualization in 2003. Following BusinessObjects' acquisition in 2005, Ryan's strategic role at BusinessObjects helped grow Xcelsius' worldwide adoption and sales into a $100M/year business for BusinessObjects before it was acquired by SAP. In 2007, Ryan founded Centigon Solutions and continues to push the boundaies to drive higher adoption of Business Intelligence with an emphasis on Location Analytics and visualization.

An entrepreneur, technologist and marketer, Ryan leads a hand-picked team of experts at Centigon Solutions to grow adoption of their cloud Location Intelligence platform, CMaps Analytics.



    We use maps every day on our phones and in our cars. I am working to ensure the same consumer map experiences can be harnessed at the workplace to monitor assets, track real time events, and ultimately improve productivity and decision making.
    View CMaps Analytics (previously GMaps Plugin).

    I have focused a greater part of my career on Business Intelligence. My role in the BI market was initially focused transforming business requirements into functional applications and dashboards. With years of consulting under my belt, I use these experiences successes and some failed projects to shape my approach to Business Intelligence within my own company, and others.
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I originally founded Centigon Solutions in 2007, and in 2008, partnered with Evan DeLodder to shape our product development strategy. Together, we transformed Centigon Solutions into a profitable enterprise software company by harnessing our thought leadership in dashboards and data visualization to innovate new products for Location Intelligence, CMaps Analytics

Today, Centigon Solutions is strategically focused on delivering location intelligence software for desktop and mobile business analytics. With OEM, reseller, and software solution partnerships with SAP and Google, we have carved a niche as a leading software vendor within the SAP BusinessObjects ecosystem where thousands of developers, and tens of thousands of business users interface with our dashboard and mapping technologies every day.

We serve most industries, and have some of the largest corporations in the world running Centigon Solutions software as a critical component to their business intelligence implementation. Visit Centigon Solutions - View GMaps Plugin - View GMaps Mobile


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