Let the Map Wars Begin!

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Recent history tells us that any big moves that Apple makes will make waves in the consumer and enterprises mobile space. If are not aware, the next version of the iOS operating system will no longer include Google Maps. Instead Apple has released their new Apple Maps technology, which will be available to consumers in iOS6 sometime in the Fall. (from what I have read). Anyone who uses Android enabled devices has long benefited from a very powerful, vector based, Google Maps experience while Apple iOS users have been stuck with a satisfactory experience on iPhone/iPad. If you check out the video, you can see for yourself just how much better Apple Maps will be.

Why this could be Good for consumers

iOS and Android are building up their operating system walls and maps are an incredibly important as one of the most heavily used mobile services. Because the base map functions are baked into the operating system, Google Maps V5.x for Android or Apple Maps for iOS will provide the best possible experiences for consumer based Apps.

Why I am so excited

As a fan, OEM re-seller partner, and user of Google Maps it actually thrilled me to know that Apple is making a big splash with their new maps platform. Because we are developing our own Google Maps powered App on iOS, GMaps Moible, at some point soon we will be able to push our customers into a legit turn by turn navigation with Apple Maps. Even more important, this recent announcement and press around Apple Maps amplifies the importance of location-based services and visualization in our daily lives.

Setting user expectations

Fast advancements for mobile mapping capabilities could leave cross platform mapping solutions begging for more. A perfect example is our GMaps Mobile solution which leverages Google Maps Javascript APIs. These APIs provide us with the power to provide enterprise class visualization and analysis. Apple Maps and Google Maps Mobile APIs are just not powerful or extendable enough for the enterprise scenarios that we cater to.  With that said, we will have to properly set expectations for enterprise customers who will become accustomed to the vector and 3D capabilities of Apple Maps.. It should be an adventure!

Looking to 2016, Retiring this Blog

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9 years ago, I started this blog to share my journey creating interactive visualization using tools like Xcelsius (now SAP Dashboards).  That journey has led me into the depths of Location Intelligence.  In 2016, I have re-focused my interests to focus on “what’s next.”

The same way I knew Visualization would change the enterprise, Location Intelligence will still change the way we look at the world and our business, there is an important next step.

While my desire to share insights and adventures have not changed, my medium for doing so will be much different.

In 2016, this site will get a fresh design to reflect my focus. Additionally, all of the great content buried in the history of this site has been curated and will be contributed to another dedicated page as a permanent resting place.


New Analytics on Fire Podcast is Here: What you can expect

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In March, I closed one chapter with EverythingXcelsius to prepare for the next chapter in social media. I am thrilled to finally share with you Analytics on Fire! This podcast was a vision that Mico Yuk and I have been discussing for years.

Our vision: NO B.S look at the BI industry from the mouths of experts who are making analytics work, for some of the largest companies in the world.  No success comes without learning, so our goal is to extract the “lessons learned” from a diverse community of experts.

What is Analytics on Fire

Analytics on Fire is a no-nonsense, vendor agnostic, fly on the wall discussion where Mico Yuk and myself interview analytics thought leaders. These are the people responsible for directing and executing a Business Intelligence vision for some of the largest companies in the world. They are also recognized thought leaders by industry or within their own corporations.

Focus on BI Journey not Technology

Analytics on Fire focuses on the individual’s BI Journey and lessons learned, not the technology used to create Business Intelligence. The content and knowledge should be timeless, so for Analytics on Fire, we push technology to the side and focus on the people, processes, and knowledge required to succeed.

Why was Analytics on Fire Created

The most interesting and well-attended sessions at conferences are customer stories and lessons learned. Imagine getting access to those same customers in an intimate setting over beers. Mico and I often have these conversations and decided to bring them into the wide open and share with our community. Its that simple!

Who is Analytics on Fire for?

If you create or consume Business Intelligence, this podcast is for you. We want to make you a fly on the wall for discussions with some of the brightest and most well respected BI professionals and extract there experiences for you to benefit from.

Buzzword Bingo in our Analytics on Fire Hotseat

One of the oddities of enterprise IT is the emphasis on trends and buzzwords. During every interview, I supply buzzwords to our guests like “Big Data”. “Cloud”, “Data Scientist”. Then we sit back and listen to what those buzzwords actually mean in the real world, NOT software vendors.

Join us for the next adventure in our analytics Journey.

Visit the new community and sign up for Analytics on Fire

Webinar Alert: Google Maps and New CMaps Analytics for SAP

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I am thrilled to be presenting with Onix and Google about some of the exciting things we are doing with Location Intelligence in the SAP.

Revolutionize Your SAP® BusinessObjects™ Insights by Easily Creating Maps with Google and CMaps Analytics

Wednesday, August 19th 2015, 11:00am – 12:00pm

Join mapping industry leaders – Google for Work, CMaps Analytics and Onix – to learn how applying Location Intelligence to your SAP® BusinessObjects™ data will revolutionize your understanding and usability of that information. Utilizing Google Maps and CMaps, you can create mapping autonomy for any business user within your organization, gain geospatial insights immediately, and enable all employees to make timely, more informed business decisions. While SAP BusinessObjects data has been difficult to map in the past, this webinar will present tools that will allow any business user to create maps anytime and anywhere – in just a matter of minutes.

Lets Speak BO… In San Diego!

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I can’t believe its that time of year again where I prepare my presentation for the annual IBIS event. This has become one of the premier events for customers to learn and network and focus on 1 topic…. Business Intelligence with SAP BusinessObjects.

IBIS is all about extending the value of the BusinessObjects platform that you own as opposed to hyping up what is coming in the next product releases from SAP. It is a breath of fresh air talking to customers who are succeeding and looking at ways to push more value from their BusinessObjects investment.

The best part, is this conference is set up to bring your family and take a mini-vacation in San Diego. With a late June date, the weather will be absolutely perfect!  Hope to see you there 🙂

June 22-24, 2015 | Carlsbad, CA | Park Hyatt Aviara Resort

Secure Your Seat Today!

Saying Goodbye on EverthingXcelsius.com

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Last week, we posted a goodbye post for EverytingXcelsius.com, marking my final post on the popular community site I have tied to for 6 amazing years. Though I have been deeply involved in the SAP Dashboards community, we have seen it thin out over the last few years as the BI industry has shifted technology standards from Flash and SAP slowed its ongoing commitment to invest in the platform.

Am I going anywhere?

Not really… I still have hundreds of customers and thousands of developers who use tools that Centigon Solutions built for SAP DashboardsThere are a lot of SAP Dashboards out there and still many new and ongoing projects. Though some of my favorite BI experts have moved on and no longer support SAP’s Business Intelligence mission or tools, I still love this community.

For me, its all about Geo

I have honed all of my focus to innovating in the world of location intelligence which is picking up a ton of steam. There is some pretty clever technology cooked up in our labs and a vision for the future that emphases indoor location and tracking. That is where I am headed, but it always relates back to the same challenges of transforming lots of data to useful information.

The Adventure is Never-Ending

As always, you can follow me on my blog, Linked-In, or Facebook to follow the ups and downs of running a small software company and share the successes we have along the way pushing to make Location matter in the enterprise!

Webinar Alert: How to Revolutionize your Business Intelligence with Maps

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I remember seeing Antivia DecisinPoint for the first time in 2013 and I had the same visceral reaction that I had back in 2003 when I first discovered Xcelsius. Now, 2 years later I am thrilled to share the virtual stage with the Antivia team to share some awesome new ways to create and distribute maps to your business users.

It is estimated that 80% of all data has a geographical element, yet few organizations are tapping into this rich stream of business insight. Imagine the opportunities that lie within this data!

Does that sound familiar? Great! That means you have heard someone start to explain the benefits of using maps with your analytics suite..

Now, I will explain WHY you should be thinking about using maps.

Antivia and Centigon have teamed up to make it easier than ever for you to create rich, interactive dashboards that combine maps with traditional visualizations so you can deliver the types of insight today’s business users demand.




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