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When using the chart drill down capability inside of Xcelsius, there is a limitation prohibiting the configuration of a multi-series chart to insert into the same range. In other words… Xcelsius will not allow a user to click on bars from 2 different series to trigger 1 action, which can be a problem.

To invoke this problem, enable drilldown, select an insert-in cell, change the series dropdown, and select the same insert in cell. You will get an error message that reads the following:

“Insert In Range overlaps with other series’ Insert In Rage/ Please select non-overlapping Ranges for each series.” There is a workaround to get this working using the “Insert Series In:” option. By capturing the series that is currently selected, we can perform a lookup to retrieve the correct data.

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  1. Lets make things interesting and throw in a List Box in there with different Departments for this supposedly ‘Employee Sales’ column chart and instead of recording the actual values from the drill down lets capture the position of the column bars i,e clicking on Bob under Jan would output 1, clicking on Bob under Feb would output 2 etc. Keeping this above mentioned scenario in mind is it currently possible in Xcelsius to clear the output of the drill down selection if a user navigates from ‘Department A’ to ‘Department B’ ?
    Because right now if lets say for example if this dashboard was defaulted on ‘Dept A’, and I were to click on Bob under ‘Jan’ I would get the drill down position 1, then if I changed the department and again clicked on the first column under ‘Jan’ i’d still get 1 for the position. I wish there was some way that once I changed the departments the recorded drill down positions would somehow get magically removed.I know I can use the Push button or the Refresh button but that’s just too easy.
    Basically depending on the series name, the position of the column chart and the category name I’m trying to invoke different Web I reports through a URL (sort of like a drill down) but its becoming a nightmare.

    Many Thanks !

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