Xcelsius 2008 History Component


Though I don’t believe it is one of the top new features in Xcelsius 2008, I wanted to introduce the History Component. This is a nice feature used for real time trending of a single measure. When people ask me to describe what this does, I reference the Windows task manager performance chart. This history component can be utilized to create a real-time historical view for a single cell. To better illustrate this feature, I created an example below. A useful application of this component would be for companies that use Xcelsius dashboards to show real-time data on a screen that is always on.

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There are two fields within the properties sheet: The Data property is linked into a single cell, and the Data Destination is a range that will build a historical list as the Data property changes. In addition, the history component can refresh on a time-based interval. A call center would be a perfect use case for this component if a dashboard is displayed for real time monitoring. Let me know if you have any other cool ideas…



  1. Ritesh Kothari on

    Can we use History Component to work for more than one measure?

    For e.g.: see the real time graphing of two – three lines in the graph?


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