Xcelsius 2008 Image Component


Xcelsius 2008 supports several new image formats using the image component. For those of you who are not familiar with the image component, it is located in Art and Backgrounds and provides the ability to import and embed your own artwork or logos.

Xcelsius 2008 supports new image formats including JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP. Here are a few basic tips to choose the correct image format…

You want to gravitate toward JPG and GIF rather than BMP because they are compressed formats that will not bloat the size of your SWF. PNG is nice because you can create images with transparent backgrounds that look much nicer than GIF files. The problem with the Xcelsius image component is that GIF and PNG transparency does not work, meaning you still get a white border around your images.

If your artwork originates as a vector image, you may want to import that into Flash and create a SWF. If you are trying to import your logo, you may want to check with you marketing department to see if they can export it to a SWF. Adobe Illustrator has an export to SWF option which will give you the cleanest looking logo.



  1. Thanks for pointing out the new support for additional image formats. I missed it because the top label in the image component properties still says “JPEG or SWF options”, as if those are still the only ones supported. But sure enough, the file formats appear in the list when you click the IMPORT button.

  2. Steve Crossley on

    Good to see we can import other image formats other than .JPG in Xcelsius 2008 but my .GIF and .PNG transparent images do not appear as transparencies in 2008.
    Is this a bug or oversight?

  3. I am trying to use image component to grab images from web and when they are converted to SWF format I am getting gray border around them.
    I would appreciate any ideas on how to get rid of this border.

    Thank You,

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