Accessing and Installing Xcelsius Add-Ons


Xcelsius 2008 SP1 features an Add-On manager, located in the File menu. This is where you install Xcelsius plugin components.
Add On Manager

To install add-ins,

  • First, make sure you are running Xcelsius 2008 with a minimum of Service Pack 1 installed.
  • While in Xcelsius, select File>Manage Add Ons.
  • Click Install Add On
  • Navigate to your hard drive and select an .XLX file.
  • Click “Close” in the add on manager.
  • Click “Save and Close” which will save the add-ons and close Xcelsius.
  • When re-opening Xcelsius, your add ins will be available in the Components window, within the specific folder described in your add on documentation.

There is also a link within the Add On manager to the On-Demand store where. There are some Xcelsius add ons for free, and others that you pay for. The direct link to the store is:



  1. Ryan thanks for this website/blog it is excellent. I have tried to use the examples but when i click on “Manage Add on” i get a run time error and xcelsius closes down? i am running XP with xcelsius 2008 (SP2)

  2. When I go to file -> Manage Add-ons.., the option is disabled on my Windows XP computer at work. At home, I have a windows Vista machine and I am able to manage add-ons without a problem. My user account is an administrator on both computer so I don’t understand why one allows me to manage add-ons and the other one doesn’t. Any ideas?

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