Xcelsius Manual Reset Workaround


In 2007, I wrote an article outlining how to reset a dashboard using a selector: View original article. Since then, there have been some changes to Xcelsius where I wanted to re-visit this workaround.

Xcelsius does have a reset button built into the product, but it presents some challenges:

  1. It attempts to reset every component back to its original state which is not always the desired behavior.
  2. The standard Xcelsius reset button is incompatible with add-on components which is obviously can be a big problem.

Instead of using reset, you have a few options at your disposal, that essentially do the same thing. Upon clicking “reset” the selectors will clear out your selections.

  1. Use the push button component as a reset button to move a blank range into a destination.
  2. Use a hidden selector component to move multiple blank ranges into multiple destinations.

This re-set feature does present a few challenges, specifically when it comes to features like chart drill down. This is still going to be a challenge because there is not a bindable “selected item” property on the behavior tab.

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  1. Ryan.. I have a similar type of requirement :

    In my dashboard there are 3Tabs (In TAB component) and in each tab we have 2 Query selector prompt..
    and as per our requirement We need to reset each tab selectors only means we have three different button for three different tab.
    But Itz not happening a single reset button is vacating all the selection in different tab as well .

    Can you please give me any workaround or suggestion .


    • Tab component is one of those problem child components because there is no way to bind the current tab or know which tab you are on. Usually as a workaround we will use a label menu and a series of container components to use this reset approach.

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