Critical Xcelsius Tip for Connectivity


I have a very important tip for developers using any connectivity for Xcelsius.

DO NOT use the “Disable mouse input on Load” property. I have been using Xcelsius for 7 years and it has always come back to bite me in projects where needless hours were wasted troubleshooting. It bit me once again prompting this post and I hope to save everyone the same trouble by ingraining into your development knowledge to avoid this property.

What does this property do: Disable mouse input on Load iswill prohibit you end user from clicking on components while data is loading. One thing we have found working with lots of add-on components is that this feature and the SDK do not play nice together. I have also found scenarios even without add-ons the following symptoms:

1. After clicking inside of a dashboard and triggering live office, nothing in the dashboard is selectable.
2. Queries will seem to hang indefinitely, not returning data.

If you experience either of these problems, check to make sure this property is not enabled.

I would say report it as a bug to BOBJ which is a good idea, but for now, I live without this feature.



  1. You may want to manually create this functionality. In other words, use the “Load Status” property to insert when data is loading into a cell. When data is loading, take a Background Component, set it to 100% transparent, and then enable a check box “Capture Mouse Events”. This will in essence do the same exact thing minus the bug.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Larry Burgess on


    What do you suggest to keep a user from going click-crazy when data is loading – not just with the initial load of the dashboard but also with intermittent refreshes based on user interaction?

  3. Sorry. I missed probably the most important part to explain what this does 🙂

    Block mouse events will stop users from clicking inside of the dashboard components while data connections refresh. It is a great feature but just does not work.

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