Xcelsius 2008 SP4 Upload Warning


I was excited to learn about the new Xcelsius SP4 update and finally moved up. On a few projects I migrated without any issues but found out relatively quickly that there is no backwards compatibility between SP3 and SP4.

In other words, once you save a SP4 XLF, there is no way to open it up in SP3. Xcelsius notifies you that the XLF belongs to a newer version and then stops you from moving forward.

I wanted to notify the development community so you are educated during you migration process and don’t end up in a situation like i was this morning.

With that said, if you are aware of this and can get customers to upgrade, it would be a good idea.

Click here for all of the details at EverythingXcelsius.


I figured out a way to open SP4 XLF in SP3, since I absolutely did not want to do the same work twice.

1. Open your XLF with WinRar or convert the XLF to ZIP and open with what ever zip editor you use.
2. Open up the “document.xml” file and change the version attribute to “5.3”.
3. Save the file
4. Now you can open it back in SP3.

If you use specific SP4 functionality it probably will break things but in my case I hit preview and everything worked but my background image. Make sure you backup your XLF before doing any of this.



  1. This information came at the right time. I upgraded an XLF but I have my developer strugling with the SP4 upgrade. I might have go back to SP3 to so the developer can work in SP3.

  2. Ryan, this is outstanding! I just converted an sp 3 project to 4, and noticed some problems with component layering, made me nervous about it. Knowing this workaround makes me feel much better about continuing to use sp4, there’s an out! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Nicolas MARTINEZ on

    Great news ! This is going to help a lot. I have a question though… How do you convert the file back to an xlf ? Simply zip it back and add .xlf ?Thanks for the article and thanks for your answer in advance!

  4. I have uninstalled 4.0 and successfully reinstalled FP3. But when I attempt to upgrade to 3.5 I’m told that “a patch with a higher version has been detected and I must set the SKIP_PATCH_VERSION_CHECK property.

    Anyone know how is this done?


  5. I have uninstalled 4.0 and successfully reinstalled 3.0, but when I attempt to upgrade to 3.5 I’m told, “A higher version was detected…set SKIP_PATCH_VERSION_CHECK property to skip this check.

    Anyone know how to do this?


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