Building a Mobile App in 10 Days


Less than a week ago while on a marketing call, an idea was sparked for a new “killer app.” The barrier to creating a mobile app has never been lower with the explosion of frameworks, development kits, and cloud resources readily available.

Assuming I reach my original 10 day deadline this week, I will share with you my 10 steps from conception to release. Together, we will release an App into the wild and see together how it sinks or swims over the next 3 months!

In two weeks I will begin my 10 part series where I will show you some of the tricks and shortcuts transforming your app idea into a reality.


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  1. Several questions on this post already came in today so I wanted to clarify what I am doing here:

    1. This is not a marketing related blog series and has nothing to do with any of the products my company sells, though Centigon Solutions did technically fund the project.
    2. I am going to share the steps that I have taken to take a simple problem, build a simple app that addresses the problem, and lets see together how it goes.
    3. The app I am going to be sharing is completely free but I am not sharing any of the source code.. Only the tools I used and the process to get there.

    Hang in there for just a couple of weeks and you will get the full story :).

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