Interactive Data Visualization Blog Q&A

Q: What is the purpose of the Interactive Data Visualization / Ryan Goodman blog?

A: I started this blog in 2006 as an effort to spread knowledge in what was then a non-existent Xcelsius community. The original goal was to write about my personal/professional interests around data visualization, dashboards, Xcelsius, etc. Very quickly I found that most people visited for my tricks, templates, and advisement on dashboard development. Now I have added mobile visualization, and location intelligence into the mix as I have broadened my technology interests and expand my own business at Centigon Solutions.

Q: Do you provide consulting services?

A: Unfortunately I do not provide technology services any longer as I spend all day driving product strategy, sales, and marketing efforts for Centigon Solutions.

Q: What is your association with Centigon Solutions?

A: I am the founder of Centigon Solutions Inc., a business that I started shortly after leaving SAP BusinessObjects in 2007. We initially targeted the Xcelsius marketplace and have since narrowed our focus to Location Intelligence with CMaps Analytics (formerly GMaps Plugin) as our flagship solution. Visit to learn more about what I do at Centigon Solutions.

Q: What is your background?

A: During my under-grad, I studied graphic information technology and business. My early career was spent doing design and technical consulting and while learning Macromedia Flash 3, during an internship I was given Edward Tufte’s, “The Visual Display of Quantitative Information”. That was my entry point into what I now call interactive visualization. In the early-mid 2000s I worked for an energy services company, on a small team then called “Information Origination.” It was an operations funded team of technologists focused on creating tools for business analysists to make information easy to access and analyze using traditional query and analysis and new innovative technologies. The research and development portion is where I was fortunate to use the latest and greatest tools for designing the optimal human-to-computer experiences for business analysts. We used voice recognition, multi-touch, and data visualization techniques for analytics that would still be considered innovative 10 years later. It was during this time, that we discovered Xcelsius in 2004. We used Xcelsius early on to develop desktop widgets and financial dashboards. From the first time I tested it, I knew immediately that this technology would be game changing. It was in 2004 that I first approached the Xcelsius team and finally joined them them in 2005. After being acquired by BusinessObjects, I spent two years traveling around the world evangelizing Xcelsius working on a specialized SWAT team. I worked with some of BusinessObjects largest accounts,and helped BusinessObjects transform Xcelsius into a $100M a year enterprise dashboard solution. Immediately after SAP announced the acquisition of  BusinessObjects, I left and founded Centigon Solutions in 2007. I partnered with Evan DeLodder six months after founding Centigon Solutions and together we started building Xcelsius add-ons with the goal of forging a marketplace for extending Xcelsius. As innovation slowed down we saw a huge opportunity for geographic visualization so we narrowed our focus and using Xcelsius as our foundation put a plan in place to build the best approach for integrating BI data with location based analytics. Now we have a the most widely adopted mapping solution for SAP BusinessObjects dashboards, and have evolved CMaps Analytics into a full fledged geo-visualization platform.